The Newest Addition to My Craft Room

I have wanted to learn to sew for a while, but over the past few months I decided that I want to make sewing my next crafting priority. I started a sewing projects board on my Pinterest and to keep track of all of the tutorials, free patterns, tips and projects that I wanted to try. My only problem? I didn’t have a sewing machine. Lucky for me, my awesome husband bought me a brand new Singer sewing machine.

I’m very excited to have a whole new set of craft projects to take on and learn how to sew!

My new sewing machine.
My new sewing machine.

One of the first projects that I want to try is the one hour skirt that I found from Brett Bara. In her free video tutorial, she explains that many of her sewing projects are based on knowing how to sew in a straight line so I thought this would be a perfect first project for me to try! If you want to give it a try with me, Brett’s one hour skirt video tutorial is posted below. Check back later to see how my skirt turns out!

*Disclaimer: I am a beginner sewer, so my early projects might turn out a bit rough!


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