Pinterest Place Cards

Place cards are one of the many things you never give much thought to when you begin the wedding planning process. Things like the food, venue, DJ and photographers were on the top of my list, but once we slowly started checking things off our wedding to do list, smaller things like place cards became next in line. Because I like to craft, several aspects of our wedding, from the centerpieces to the programs, was do it yourself projects and once I saw these place cards on Pinterest I knew I wanted to make our place cards, too.

At our wedding, the bridesmaids wore guava colored dresses and the groomsmen wore medium/dark colored silver tux vests. I never thought I would pick guava (a coral, grapefruit color) for the girls’ dresses, but the combination of the color’s beauty and June wedding made it a perfect fit. With my love for guava clear, I do have to say that it’s a very difficult color to match. There’s pink, coral and salmon but none of those are exact matches. Needless to say, whenever I found something guava colored I got very excited and had to buy it!

I found guava colored ribbon at Michaels and guava scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby. The guava ribbon was incorporated in our centerpieces and other aspects of our wedding, but once I found the guava paper I knew I had to use it for something…enter our place cards! The fun, colored paper and ribbons were a great way to incorporate our wedding colors at our dinner but they also doubled as meal indicators for each adult meal and the kids’ meal since we had a plated dinner. I’ll admit that tracing, folding and cutting 200 place cards and punching 400 holes was a bit tedious, but it was definitely worth it and I think they turned out great. (Note: Completed place card photo will be posted once we get our wedding pictures from our photographer)

TIP: Print (or write) your guests’ names on labels so you don’t have to deal with the mess of glue and the frustration of the paper’s edges curling up. Just use a paper slicer to square the edges of the labels off if you don’t like the rounded edge look like me.



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