Alternative Wedding Guest Book

A large part of our wedding was DIY because I like making things myself. So the DIY didn’t stop when it was time to make a guest book. I started gathering photos to make a Shutterfly guestbook but I quickly decided I wanted a guest book that didn’t involve picture after picture of the two of us.

F project
My dad showing us our “big f-ing F”, as he called it, in its early stages.

I saw lots of cool ideas on The Knot and other places that had cool guest book ideas involving Polaroid pictures, a big wine bottle everyone signs and numerous other ideas but nothing that grabbed my attention….that is until I saw the big letter!

As soon as I saw the big monogram letter, I knew we had to have one at our wedding. I guess I can’t call this project DIY because I really had nothing to do with making it, other than answering “yes” and “no” to size, color, etc. All of the credit for making our big F goes to my personal cayman, my dad! From making me Build-a-Bear wardrobes when I was a kid to a TV stand for my dorm room, there’s nothing my dad can’t make!

I wanted a guest book that we could do something with other than put it on a book shelf to collect dust. This was a great addition to wedding- we had several compliments about our big F and our guests filled it up! Now we can display our big F in our new home, and our it’s an awesome addition to our living room wall. My husband and I get to look at it every day and remember all of our friends and family who helped us celebrate our wedding day!

Our F was mounted on a board covered in guava paisley so guests couldn’t miss it when they came to our wedding!

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