Sew Simple Valence

In an earlier blog post, I talked about my new sewing machine. Well, now that I’ve graduated and got married I’ve had more free time which means I was actually able to take my sewing machine out of the box! For my first sewing project, I was looking for something simple to make that would be hard to mess up. My answer? A valence! My husband and I are renting a house and the windows came with old, lacy valences which aren’t exactly my taste. After a quick, $6 Joann’s run, I returned home and was ready to fire up my sewing machine.

I bought a yard and a half of fabric (enough so it could be a bunchy valence) and started by pinning in one inch on the two ends. After sewing the ends, I folded the top over a half inch and pinned and sewed it. Then I folded the top over again, but allowed 3-4 inches so there is plenty of room for the bar to slide in. I pinned the bottom last so I was able to make my valence the length I wanted, about 16″. After cutting off a few inches, I folded the bottom over about an inch, pinned it and sewed it. And that’s it! My window went from old school to modern in about an hour!

Voila! My valence is complete.

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