Our Weekend at the Farm

This weekend my husband, Austin, and I took a short road trip to his parents’ farm in Markesan, WI, which is only about 45 minutes away from our house. I grew up in a suburb of Milwaukee, so being in the country is still something new for me. Austin knows that I like to go places and shop but he is content just working on tractors, so we always try and find fun projects that we can do together. This weekend our project was picking apples, raspberries and mulberries!

My mother-in-law grows everything from apples and onions to potatoes and grapes. You name it, there’s a good chance it’s in her garden! She also cans a bunch with the food she grows, and one of my personal favorites is her applesauce, which is why it was perfect timing that a big part of her apple tree was ready to be picked this weekend!

Right now, we’re working on dehydrating some sliced apples to make apple chips. Our four crates of apples have to sit and ripen for a few days (our house already smells great!) and then we will can some applesauce. Stay tuned for a blog about our applesauce and apple chip making experience!


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