Tea Cup Bird Feeder

A few weeks ago Austin and I went to a flea market in Princeton, which is near his hometown. One of the vendors was selling really cute bird feeders that were made of tea cups and saucers. I wanted to buy one, but my husband insisted that he could make me one, so I decided to take him up on that offer!

We picked up a dowel rod from Fleet Farm for about two dollars and a tea cup and saucer set from Goodwill for only a dollar. Originally we were worried about cracking the tea cup and saucer, but they ended up being tougher than they looked!

It was really tough to drill through the porcelain, and hindsight we probably should have used a drill press but all we have is a power drill. The saucer ended up being a casualty of this craft project because the power drill put too much pressure on the saucer and it cracked into four pieces. We didn’t let that ruin our project, so we just used a washer to secure the tea cup on the dowel, filled it with some seed and put it in our yard!



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