Our Trip to the National Brewery Museum

My husband and I have wanted to go to the National Brewery Museum in Potosi, Wisconsin for a while, so we finally decided to go! Visiting breweries and brew pubs is something we enjoy doing together, so yesterday we made the three-ish hour drive from Oshkosh to Potosi.

Before we went to the National Brewery Museum, we extended our trip a bit to Cassville because Austin wanted to check out the Wisconsin Agricultural Museum. After, we turned around and headed back to Potosi to tour the museum and enjoy some lunch and beer.

The museum was super awesome- if you love beer and feel like making a road trip, it is totally worth it! It was a really unique museum because it was pretty small but it was packed full of history. There was even a cave in the museum where brewers used to keep the beer cold before there were refrigerators!

My favorite part was what Austin and I named the Wisconsin beer room. It was a room full of old Wisconsin beer memorabilia, with displays ranging from Miller, Blatz, Schlitz, Pabst, Chief Oshkosh and several other lesser-known Wisconsin breweries.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch and beer at the Potosi Brewery restaurant and on the way out, we visited the gift shop. Of course, we walked away with a sampler pack of Potosi beer and a growler that I turned into a vase! We also stopped in the parking lot to pose with the world’s largest cone top beer can. It was a great trip and we both had a lot of fun.


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