DIY Doggie Bow Tie

For the past few months I’ve had really bad puppy fever. I’ve been checking Petfinder pretty much every day for the past month or so to find a cute little puppy for us to adopt. About two weeks ago I found the perfect little guy for us, we applied, and last week we found out that he is going to be ours! My husband and I went to go see our puppy, Teddy, on Friday and get to bring him home this Thursday.

My husband, puppy and I!
My husband and I with our puppy who wouldn’t hold still for a picture. He loves giving kisses, too!

Since we found out we’re getting a puppy, we’ve been doing a little shopping for toys, a doggie bed and other essentials. I’ve also been looking for some DIY dog projects, like making your own dog toys, and came across how to make a dog bow tie. When I saw it I knew I had to make one for Teddy!

The original bow tie source were no-sew instructions but I altered my steps to include some sewing to hold the bow tie together a bit more. Teddy is a really tiny puppy, so you may need to adjust your doggie bow tie to make it fit if you have a bigger dog, but here is what I did:


These dog bow ties are super cute, easy, cheap and quick. I’ve already made 3 for Teddy; the one you see below, a Halloween one and a Christmas one! Photos of Teddy and his bow tie are to come, along with any other fun dog projects I find to make!

I’d love to see how your dog bow tie turns out! Feel free to share pics with me!


7 thoughts on “DIY Doggie Bow Tie

  1. I can see our Spencer sportin’ a bow tie while he’s out patrolling the perimeter of the yard. I think he needs a uniform jacket to go along with it, though – he’s ALWAYS on patrol! 😆 I gotta try this idea with some of my scrap stash. Love it!

      1. well . . . he’s not exactly a ‘pup’ any more, although he thinks he is. 😆 He’s four now, so I think he’ll look very debonair in that cute bow tie (which I’m going to make to match his bed!)

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