My Next Projects

listThings have been pretty busy lately. My husband and I were busy in the fall harvesting our popcorn, then we’ve beea vendor at the winter farmers market in town on the weekends. I’ve been working on some craft projects here and there, but not as much as I’d like so I made a list of the four of the projects I’d like to do in the near future!

1. The first idea I came across today and thought it was too adorable not to try! All this flannel shirt dog coat takes an old flannel shirt, some fleece and a few of your pup’s measurements. Temperatures are dropping again next week here in Wisconsin, so Teddy could use another jacket!

2. Next, I want to make a few wreaths that I can alternate hanging on our door year round. Up until a week or two ago we still had our Christmas wreath up, so it’s time for some new decor!

3. A bunch of different Sharpie coffee mugs have been really popular lately on Pinterest, so I want to try those out. They’re quick, cheap, easy and would make a fun husband and wife craft project!

4. Finally, I’ve been wanting to make a few pillow cases for the pillows on our couch. We have a lovely 1970’s floral patterned couch, so I’m thinking some nice, neutral material would make for excellent pillow case covers.


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