DIY Flannel Doggie Coat

This weekend I tackled the first thing on my list of craft projects to do: a recycled flannel dog shirt! This has been a really, really cold winter in Wisconsin so I feel bad when Teddy, our little puppy, has to go outside to go to the bathroom! Usually he doesn’t mind wearing vests or jackets so I thought this flannel coat would keep him warm and stylish. And it does!

If you’re like me and have never sewed anything for your pup before, the first thing you’ll need to do is measure your dog and make a pattern. The four measurements you’ll have to take are:

  1. Measure around your dog’s neck
  2. Measure from the base of your dog’s neck to the base of its tail
  3. Determine how thick you want the jacket to be in front of the neck (Teddy’s was 3 inches thick)
  4. Measure completely around your dog’s tummy/rib cage
Teddy likes wearing his new flannel coat inside, too!

Teddy wouldn’t hold still for me to take his measurements, so you might need to call for backup to hold your dog still to make sure your numbers are accurate. After you take the measurements above, it’s time to make your pattern! Follow Sew Doggie Style’s steps to make a pattern from your pup’s measurements.*

I was looking for a simple sewing project for Teddy and found the flannel shirt coat in a quick Google search. The Blog I found the pattern on has great step-by-step instructions with photos, so if you want to try this project out for yourself, find the steps I followed here!

This was a fun and budget-friendly project. Some dog coats can cost between $10 and $20, but since I used one of my husband’s old flannel shirts, it only cost $3 for a yard of gray fleece. Plus I have enough fleece left over to make at least two more coats! I definitely recommend this project if you’re looking for something cute and functional to make for your dog!

*The pattern suggested using a paper bag to create your dog coat pattern, but using the plain side of wrapping paper works, too!


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