DIY Dog Treats

4 IngredientDog Treats (2)Before we got our dog Teddy, I was already searching for different dog treat recipes to make. The only problem was the majority of the ones I found had a ton of ingredients! I’m all for baking healthy dog treats, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on ingredients for the treats.

Last Christmas my good friend made her “puppy nephew” homemade treats and Teddy loved them, so of course I asked her for the recipe. She sent it to me and literally it was only four ingredients, so finally I found the simple dog treat recipe I’d been searching for.

The four ingredients you’ll need for this recipe are whole wheat flour, peanut butter, baking powder and milk. (Other necessities include a mixing bowl, rolling pin and cookie cutter.) Since Teddy is a little dog, I used a really small dog bone cookie cutter, probably about an inch and a half or two inches long. One batch of dough made four cookie sheets full, which was enough treats to fill our large canister we use for treats (an air tight container is recommended to store these treats in!) and we even gave away a Ziplock bag of treats to a friend! If you have a bigger dog, you’ll likely want bigger treats so one batch won’t make as many as I got, but you’ll still get quite a few.

Teddy absolutely love these treats and they are simple, cheap and fun to make! Will you give them a try? Let me know what your pup thinks of them!


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