Quick & Easy Monogram Wreath

My seasonal door decorations usually stay up a little longer than usual because I don’t have decorations for every holiday yet or something that can stay out in between holidays. Once I got tired of my Christmas/Valentine’s Day decorations, I finally decided to make a wreath that would be in season all year!

Ever since I got married I have been a fan of monogram decorations. We even had a big wooden “F” as our guest book at our wedding that is now the focal point of our living room! So I  got inspired from this monogram wreath I found on Pinterest and decided to make an F one for our front door.

All you need for this project is:

  1. A wreath – I got my “Natural Grapevine Wreath” from Hobby Lobby. Don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon to save even more!
  2. Your letter & paint – My F is also from Hobby Lobby. They have a pretty good selection of wood letters to choose from, I thought the curliness of this letter was fun!
  3. Flowers, burlap, ribbon – Or whatever your prefer to decorate your wreath with. Again, I got my flowers from Hobby Lobby. One stop shop for this project!
  4. Hot glue gun – Use a generous amount of glue for your letter since it’s not sitting on a flat surface. Tip: Wrap the stems of your flowers around through the back of your wreath and apply some glue to keep them in place.

1661062_10203303447610611_205794205_nThough I slightly altered the original project that inspired me (I’m personally not a fan of the “country” look of burlap), I give this project an A+! Now our door will be welcoming and festive all year long!



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