Sold! We’re Homeowners

In May, my husband and I found our dream home. After a few back and forth counter offers with the sellers, we accepted their offer and closed on our new home just about a month ago!

Home-pinformerOur home is a 1920’s craftsman style home and is full of character, including original hardwood floors and woodwork, an exposed brick wall in the kitchen and steel kitchen cabinets. Not only did I fall in love with the charm of the house, but my historian husband loves having an old home and is determined to make our home look like it did back in the day.

We definitely lucked out by finding a move-in ready home within our budget, but there are lots of small projects that we have coming our way. Landscaping the yard, painting, removing the old carpet on the steps and upgrading our windows are a few of the things on our to do list, but one thing at a time! For now I’m enjoying finding things and repurposing what we already have to fill up our home.


Over the weebakers rackkend we found a really cool 3-legged table where the top of the table is a record from a local antique store/art gallery down the road called Folklore. I also picked up a cute iron chair over the weekend that just needed to be repainted and have a cushion added. Then last night we repainted our used-to-be-green bakers rack a deep red to match the exposed brick in our kitchen.

We have lots of fun projects coming our way, and I’m sure some not so fun projects that will pop up, too. So stay tuned for my posts about our home updates!


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