My First Homeowner Project

We were lucky to have a house that was pretty much move-in ready; hardwood floors in nearly perfect condition, no ugly wallpaper to strip and the original woodwork is even in good shape. That being said, all of the walls in our house are white which means we have a lot of painting to do!

Painting seems like an easy project, but taping off windows and the woodwork, moving the furniture, taking down our pictures, putting plastic down and other prep work can take just as much time as the actual painting. Instead of tackling one of our main rooms right away, I wanted to take a baby step by taking on a smaller painting project; our pantry doors!

The original doors were white with chalkboard paint on the inside panels, which I thought was really neat. I’ve always wanted a wall or door with chalkboard paint in my kitchen to write the week’s dinner menu or other fun notes, so this was perfect! The only problem was that whoever did the chalkboard paint must have forgotten to use painter’s tape because there was black paint all over the edges of the door.

So I invested in some good painter’s tape, some deep red paint (I’ve always wanted a black, white and red kitchen!) and some paint brushes and I was on my way! Since the red paint was going on white paint, it took three coats of paint to fully cover the doors but I love how they turned out! The chalkboard paint is fun and functional and the red paint adds a pop of color to our kitchen.

Have you painted with chalkboard paint in your home?


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