When Painting, Go Big or Go Home!

Most of the rooms in our house are either painted white or a very neutral color. Sometimes I’m fine with having some rooms more neutral and then adding splashes of color with furniture, accessories or other decor, but other times I’m feeling bold and want to make a big color change.

The latter was the case for our bedroom. When we moved in, our (very large) bedroom was painted a light yellow. Nothing against yellow, but the pastel tone was not so much my taste. I spent a while going back and forth on what color I wanted to paint the bedroom – lucky for me my husband left that decision to me!

I was going back and forth between gray and burgundy; two very different colors, but with a calculated thought behind each. With gray, you can have any color bedding, curtains, area rug, and other decor. With burgundy, there will be less pops of color throughout the room since the walls are already a rich color. Well, after a debate with myself I decided to take the plunge and go with burgundy! I’ve never painted a room as dark of a color as this, but I think it turned out awesome and was just as I imagined. The combination of a large room and a white ceiling, windows and trim resulted in the room feeling just as big as it did when it was light yellow.


So what’s the lesson learned from this? When you can’t decide between a lighter and bold paint color, consider the more bold option! What’s the worst that could happen? You don’t like it and paint over it! I’m glad we went big with our paint color, what do you think?


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