How to Give a Chair a Face Lift

One of my all-time favorite things is repurposing. I don’t like to waste things or throw perfectly good things away. Whether it’s making an old shirt into a dog toy or simply framing cute or meaningful greeting cards, I’m all about repurposing. And what’s one of my favorite things to repurpose? Furniture!

When we moved into our house, I also moved my old bedroom set from home. We have a three piece 1960’s french provincial desk/dresser set that was my mom’s when she was a kid. Growing up, I always thought the furniture was kind of ugly, but as I got older I liked it more and more. One of the pieces is a corner desk that looked pretty naked without a matching chair so I went on the hunt for one!

I knew I wasn’t going to find anything reasonably priced that matched the set, so instead I looked for chairs that I could re-do. I hit up our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (AWESOME store if you’ve never checked one out!) and found a perfect chair for only $10. The granny fabric on the chair pad and the chipped stain made it look pretty rough, but that’s why it was only $10! Plus, I had a vision of what my chair would look like in the end. After that, I picked up some paint and fabric to re-upholster the chair and then I got to work!


After some sanding and dusting, it was time to paint! While my paint was drying, I took my chair pad and stapled new batting and fabric (that coordinated with our newly painted bedroom!) over the old stuff. After the paint was dry, I took a gold paint pen and filled in the chair’s detail so it matched even better with my desk/dresser set. The whole project cost me around $20, plus it was an afternoon of repurposing fun!

Share one of your repurposing success stories in a comment below!


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