Celebrating Get Organized Month In Style

Did you know January is Get Organized Month? In general, I’m an organization freak. The proof? One of my favorite boards to Pin to is my Craft Room Organization board! So needless to say I was pretty excited to learn that this month is Get Organized Month.

Here’s how I’ve been celebrating:

  1. Craft Closet Organization: My husband and I have been adding boards to the top shelves of our closets. A $20 board from your local home improvement store can go a long Craft Closet Organization - The Pinformerway in adding storage and organization opportunities to your closet. Last weekend my craft room closet got an upgrade with a new board to set things on. Once the weather warms up, I’ll paint the shelf to give it a nice, finished look.
    1. Bonus Craft Closet Organization: Another recent addition to my craft room closet was two wooden crates from Joann to stack skeins of yarn in. I was inspired by this magazine rack yarn storage I came across on Pinterest, but I wanted something a little bigger. With two coupons, I got these two wooden crates for the price of one! I picked up some muted teal spray paint to paint these crates once it’s warmer out, too.
  2. 2016 Pocket Planner: I am such a planner nerd! When September or October roll Pocket Planner - The Pinformeraround, I get way too excited about being able to pick out a new planner. I have a full sized planner that I use for noting work tasks and meetings, but this cute pocket planner is perfect for keeping in my purse to keep track of travel, appointments and so on. To top it off, I picked it up from Half Price Books for only $5.
  3. Yarn-Tainers: For me, things don’t get much better than when you find more ways to organize your crafting accessories, especially yarn! It’s the worst when you’re on a roll knitting and then run into a mess of tangled yarn, but these awesome Snapware Yarn-Tainers eliminate any chance of a mess or tangled yarn. My husband gave me these two plastic yarn containers for Christmas and I love them! Depending on the chunkiness of your yarn, they can even hold a few balls of yarn for if you’re traveling and want to bring some projects with you.

Snapware Storage Yarn-Tainers - The Pinformer

Are you a neat freak? Share how you’re celebrating Get Organized Month in a comment below or on my Facebook page! I’d love to hear your tips and tricks.


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