Beginner Quilting Project: Sewing Machine Cover

I’m always on the lookout for new craft projects to try, which is why I turn to Pinterest! From quick and easy DIY organization to more elaborate projects, I can always count on Pinformer quilted sewing machine coverPinterest to fulfill my desire to try something new.

I’ve been in a knitting mood lately, so I was looking for a change. After paroozing Pinterest for longer than I’d like to admit, I came across a tutorial for a super cute quilted sewing machine cover! I consider my sewing skills to be average to good, which is why quilting has always scared me a little. While I’m a perfectionist who likes everything to be perfectly in line and straight, my sewing doesn’t always turn out that way.

But I figured what the heck, a small project like this is inexpensive if I mess up, so I took a trip to Joann Fabrics and got my supplies:

  • A pack of 30 charm squares (the pattern only called for 24, so I even have a few extras!)
  • One yard of coordinating fabric for the side panels
  • One yard of cotton batting
  • A pack of bias binding
  • Bonus buy: buttons were buy one, get one free so I picked up fun buttons with letters on them to add my initials to the cover

The Pinformer makes a quilted sewing machine cover

You can find the pattern for the quilted sewing machine cover from Sew Delicious here. I followed all of these steps and it turned out great. The only change I made to the pattern was adding a handle on top of the cover. I had extra batting on hand, as well as spare material left from the side panels, so I used the two to make a handle that was approximately 5-6 inches long to make the cover really easy to slide off.

Sure, some of my fabric squares lined up a little better than others, but overall I’m really happy with how my first quilting project turned out! I would definitely recommend this project to any first time or beginner quilters, as well as anyone who wants to add a pop of color to their craft room in the form of a cute sewing machine cover!

Will you give this project a try? If you do, be sure to comment with your finished product, or share a photo on my Facebook page. I’d love to see how your sewing machine cover turned out!


4 thoughts on “Beginner Quilting Project: Sewing Machine Cover

  1. That would be a great project to take on, but first I’m going to practice a little more with smaller projects 🙂

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