Getting Ready for My First Craft Show

It’s been a while since my last blog post but it’s not because I stopped crafting; it’s because life got busy! Back in March I switched jobs, and before we knew it summer was here and things REALLY got busy. From birthday parties and weddings to travel and house projects, my husband and I have certainly been on the go.

BUT my first craft show is right around the corner so I’ve been crafting like crazy to get ready for it! My friend Hannah will be joining me for the craft show and I’m so excited. We’re both crafty individuals, so when you put us together in one booth, it will be excellent!

I love to knit and loom, and Hannah crochets and sews so we’ll be bringing a variety of goodies to the table. I’ve been knitting things like baby cocoons, hats and mittens, and I’ve also been making fun paper flowers!

yarn overload
Good thing I have plenty of yarn to make knit goodies!

This will be both of our first craft show, so we don’t really know what to expect. The plan is to craft until we can’t craft anymore beforehand, then have fun the day of!

Have you had experience with craft shows? Feel free to leave your advice in a comment, and stay tuned for more posts about my craft show projects!


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