Tiny Loom Baby Booties

I’m not sure if my fellow crafters are like me, but every so often I go in phases of the projects I like to make. A while ago I was all about double pointed knitting needle projects, then I made a bunch of hats with all different sizes of round looms.

After a handful of hats, I was looking for more loom projects when I stumbled upon “13 Loom Knitting Projects for Beginners.” Then I found a video of how to make loom knit baby booties, which are perfect to make for my upcoming craft show!

Depending on the yarn I use, I’ve been altering the pattern to make the size booties I’m looking for. For example, really chunky yarn requires less rows than finer yarns. The blue yarn in the steps and photos below was extra chunky yarn.

Below is a basic pattern and photos of one of the pair of booties I recently created on a 12 peg loom.

What you’ll need:

  • 12 peg, 4 1/2 inch loom (often known as a flower loom)
  • Yarn of your color and weight choice
  • Loom hook
  • Darning needle
  • Optional: stitch counter


  1. Create a slip knot and slide it on the loom’s anchor. (The slip knot will stay on this peg for a few rows, then the knot can be removed from the peg and undone.) E-wrap around the entire loom, then loom 5 rows around.
  2. After 5 rows, you’ll begin creating the heel. Use the first 5 pegs and work back and forth on these pegs for 8 rows.
  3. After the 8 rows of the heel, resume wrapping the yarn around the entire loom for 8 additional rows to create the toe of the bootie. Now it’s time to cast off. Cut the yarn so it leaves a tail about 14-16″ long, then thread the darning needle and stitch through the loops on each peg. After the yarn has been threaded through each loop, unhook the loops from each peg and pull the yarn tight to cast off and create the toe.
  4. You’ll notice there are two small holes in the bootie. Turn the bootie inside out and use a small piece of yarn and your needle to stitch up these holes.
  5. Turn the bootie so it’s right side out and ta-da! The first bootie is done, now it’s time to make the second!


There are many fun, easy ways to alter this pattern to make the booties larger or smaller, cuff the top of the bootie over, knit/purl the bootie cuff an so on! If you try this pattern, I’d love to see photos in a comment below!


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