Dreaming of My Dream Craft Room

No matter what type of crafts you enjoy, there is one thing all crafters have in common…we dream of the ULTIMATE craft room! As a person who loves to craft and organize, it’s really fun to think of plans for our back room, which will one day become my new craft room. I’m lucky to have one of our extra bedrooms as my craft room now, but someday I’ll get kicked out because that room will be used as a bedroom. Thankfully, my husband agreed to convert our back room to our craft room before that time comes, so I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at what I want my new craft room to be!

Besides the basic space, the ultimate craft room begins with perfect storage solutions. Maybe you’ve heard of The Original Scrapbox? If not, you have to check out their website, especially their videos! Any crafter will have an instant appreciation for the practicality and beauty of their products, designed specifically for crafters.

The drop-down table, built in bins, sturdy shelves and ability to fold everything away is so awesome! The cost of these products is a little steep for me, even though all of the storage pieces inside the main unit are included, so it led me to do some Pinterest research to see similar furniture and storage solutions that may be a bit more affordable or DIY-able.

Repurposed Wardrobes

After a search for “folding table craft stations,” I found many DIY units and pieces for craft-storage-1purchase similar to The Original Scrapbox’s products. The thing I like so much about the standalone craft room storage is that when you’re done crafting, you can pack everything up and put it away, including the table. This is so appealing to me because I hate messes! If I go with a repurposed wardrobe, something that’s really important is to have a unit with shelves deep enough to hold larger items, like a sewing machine, totes and yarn, not just small items like ribbon or pens. Something else that is fun about this option is going on  hunt for an old piece of furniture to refinish and make your own. I love the green paint on the back of this unit and the custom thread holders and cork board inside each of the doors. A drawback of this type of storage is there isn’t as much work space as you’d have with an over-sized desk or table. I like to sprawl all of my supplies out while I’m crafting, so maybe a taller wardrobe that allows for a taller drop-down table would offer more work space.

Standalone Stations

craft-storage2After doing a little more digging on Pinterest, I came across another work space design that I really like, and what I’m calling a standalone station. Something that’s so great about this type of furniture is the large amount of table top – plenty of room to spread out and work! Another thing that’s really appealing to me is the built in shelving, because my future craft room doesn’t have a closet or any cabinets, though cabinets are on my wish list. I have too many crafting supplies to keep in the open on a few dinky shelves! This could also be a very budget-friendly furniture solution, and though he acts like he doesn’t know how to build things, my husband is pretty handy and he could definitely build this for me. (Whenever there’s something I want him to build, I bribe him by saying he can buy whatever tools he needs to make me my project…I think that’s pretty fair!) A drawback I see to this option is that it’s bulkier and requires more floor space than the wardrobe option, though these measurements could certainly be customized if needed to fit our available space.

Currently my work space is an old desk we picked up a few years ago from the local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great desk and it was only $30! It’s beat up and is full of character (including stains from my craft projects and big holes drilled in the side from the previous owner) so it’s nice that I don’t need to worry about ruining the desk. That being said, I am very excited to re-do a whole room (well, I’ll have to share it with our dog crates!) and make it custom to my crafting needs. Stay tuned!

Do you have an ultimate craft room? I’d love to see pictures for inspiration in the comments!


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