Featuring Our Feature Wall

Last weekend my husband and I enjoyed a nice, long four day weekend. We celebrated Christmas with my side of our family the weekend before Christmas and my husband’s side on Christmas Eve, so we had two full days of weekend where we didn’t need to travel. So what did we decide to do? Paint our dining room!


We’ve slowly been painting different rooms of our house because we’re tired of boring white walls everywhere. We have been wanting to paint the our dining room for quite a while, but we needed to do some drywall patching and sanding to cover a seam that would become extra visible with some darker paint.

So in the days leading up to Christmas, Austin handled the dry walling, sanding and priming, then we tag-teamed painting our large wall “Autumn Ridge” red. We wanted a rich color that would really pop, because in addition to this wall being a feature wall with a different color than the room’s other three walls, we were also going to make it a gallery wall, full of photos and memories.

Austin has more patience than I do when it comes to painting (and most things in life, really) so he handled painting around our crown molding and other trim and I was on roller duty. For me, the most fun part was picking photos and items to feature on our gallery wall and shopping for unique frames and deciding how to lay things out! We got most of our pieces from Hobby Lobby (minus the “Home is where the heart is” is board – that was from Menards).

I didn’t really have a vision of what look we were going for in terms of our frames and other decor, everything just came together as we were shopping…don’t you love when that happens?! Our decor ended up being dark browns (to pull from our dining room’s wood work) and silvers with a few industrial touches. Usually I like when everything matches, but there aren’t two things on our feature wall that match, and I love it!

I know a lot of times DIYers recommend cutting out paper or cardboard sized to your photos and then tape them on the wall to plan before you start hanging things. If that works for you, that’s great! With our first feature wall (located on the wall before going to our second floor), we laid everything out on the floor roughly how we wanted it and picked a piece to hang first and just went for it. That’s what we did with this feature wall, too. For me, it’s hard to gauge without actually hanging specific items on the wall where you want them, so we took the plunge and just started hanging and that worked for us! (Big thank you to Austin for his patience as I said, “A little to the left, no – too far. Now up – no back down a little,” probably 100 times!)

We still need to paint our other three dining room walls, but those walls will be a more neutral tan/gray color called “Whiskers“. We really wanted our red feature wall to pop, so we decided to continue the color we painted our stairway into the dining room, and eventually into our living room.

As long as we finish painting the dining room before our new dining room set comes, I’ll be happy! Did you take on any fun projects over Christmas? Share them in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Featuring Our Feature Wall

  1. Wow!!! thats a nice feature wall!!! I have done a bit of feature walls myself including the grid feature wall adn memphis design modern feature wall as well as black and white striped criling!!!!

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