2017 DIY Goals

From starting a new job and our Las Vegas vacation to my first craft show and numerous happy-2craft and home projects, 2016 has been a busy year! It’s fun to reflect back on everything that we did in 2016, but it’s even more exciting to look ahead to 2017! Here are some of my DIY goals for the New Year:

  1. Learn to crochet: I put this one first on my list of goals for two reasons, one being because I’ve tried crocheting a handful of times and each time has ended in me giving up due to frustration. The second reason I put this first on my list is because I signed up for a Crochet 101 class at Joann Fabrics on January 7! I’m really looking forward to this class because although I’m a big fan of self-teaching, but this isn’t something that I could grasp through YouTube videos. Stay tuned for a blog post on my crochet class! I’m not expecting to walk away a pro, but hopefully I can use the basic skills from the instructor to grow my skills!
  2. Take the soap making plunge: Soap making is something that I’ve been wanting to start for a few years, and recently I bought a soap making book that explains different processes, share tips and even has some recipes. After I read the book, I bought the equipment needed to start, but I have yet to make my first batch! But this goal goes further than just making my first batch of soap this year – I want to perfect the soap making process to be able to start selling soaps, which leads me to my next DIY goal…
  3. Expand my Etsy shop: Last month I opened my first Etsy shop and have since stocked it with knit baby cocoon swaddlers. I have yet to make my first sale, which is why in 2017 I want to add more unique products to my Etsy shop to start making some sales!
  4. Create my craft room: As I talked about in a recent blog post, I’ve been dreaming of my ultimate craft room. However in order for that to happen, we need to make some larger renovations to our home. In order for that to happen we just need to let our bank account bounce back after some of 2016’s large investments, including a brand new car and Amish-built dining room set, and then our pesky adult expenses, like student loans and our mortgage. Here’s hoping the renovations needed to make my craft room can be one of 2017’s larger home projects!
  5. Keep painting: From our stairway feature wall, upstairs hallway and dining room, we’ve done a lot of painting this year! What I love about painting rooms is that paint is a pretty small investment, but can make a room look completely different! We’d like to paint our living room and our upstairs guest room next, but these will be a little more extensive than our other painting projects! Our living room is a big room with four doorways with wood trim, a set of four windows with wood trim, then crown molding and wood base boards…lots of detail work! Then our upstairs bedroom has wallpaper that was painted over on the ceiling, which will be a chore to strip off. But, one thing at a time! We’ll get them painted.
  6. Increase my Blog and Facebook following: This one is pretty self-explanatory – I’d love to get a bigger online following, so please feel free to share my blog and Facebook page with your friends, family, co-workers, the mailman, or whoever!

Do you have DIY goals for 2017? Share them below in a comment! It will be interesting to revisit this blog post in a year to see how many of my goals I accomplished. Happy New Year, everyone!


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