I’ll Crochet One Day…

…And that day finally happened!

My practice yarn during my recent crochet class. Not too bad for a first attempt at single, half double, and double crochet stiches!
My practice yarn during my recent crochet class. Not too bad for a first attempt at single, half double, and double crochet stiches!

After several attempts at teaching myself how to crochet, I’m excited to share that I’ve finally learned how! When trying to teach myself, I read library books and watched several YouTube tutorials, but for some reason the steps just weren’t sticking. I don’t like not understanding how to do things, so each failed attempt led to frustration.

During one of my lunch breaks, I was paroozing the Joann Fabric website (they were having a big yarn sale so I was “window shopping”) and came across their class web page. I’ve looked into taking some classes a while back, but they were all during week days. But then I saw one weekend Crochet 101 class, so of course I signed up right away!

And man, am I glad I did because the class was awesome! The instructor, Ginger, was so nice and incredibly helpful. Like me, she was also a knitter first who then learned to crochet, so she understood my frustrations – what do you do with your hand that isn’t holding the hook, how do you hold the yarn without it slipping all over the place, and so on.

The class was great for many reasons, but I think what helped me the most is that there were only 3 students, including myself. Lots of one-on-one interactions with the instructor and plenty of opportunities to ask questions. After I saw Ginger walk through and explain the steps (something books lack and video tutorials don’t always capture), I was on my way!

During the class, I learned three different stitches: single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet. Personally, I like the half double crochet stitch best but I’m trying out all three stitches I learned by attempting to make washcloths from different types of yarns. Plus, I don’t want to forget any of the stitches!

I’m finding the two aspects of crochet that are most difficult for me are crocheting the first row after creating your chains and holding the yarn with good tension in my left hand – for me, it feels like there should be a needle there, not yarn!

By no means am I an expert – in fact, I’d put myself at the pre-beginner level, if that’s a thing. But that’s ok, because I’m learning! For now, I’m just sticking to making lots of squares, because practice makes perfect! Plus, we all can use new dishcloths, right?


2 thoughts on “I’ll Crochet One Day…

  1. I taught myself to crochet just under two weeks ago and i am loving it now! I have previously knit, but nothing more than a scarf, so i can’t imagine how odd it would feel to only be using one needle/hook!

    I’ve fallen in love with crochet and the things you can make are endless!
    Enjoy the journey!

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