Design Inspired by Travel

Yesterday Austin and I got home from a week-long family vacation to an all-inclusive resort 16388099_10212294486980976_4028471543503710566_nin Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was great to get away from the cold Wisconsin weather to enjoy a week in paradise!

Our resort was on a beautiful beach along the Yucatan Peninsula with sand and blue water as far as you could see – it was perfect. While sitting on the beach with endless food and drinks would’ve been just fine, I love going on adventures and experiencing new things when we travel, so we went on a few excursions.

On Monday, we did a little shopping at a strip of shops near our resort. There were shops with really cool painted ceramics, dresses and scarves, wall art, jewelry, fiber art and lots more. I ended up picking up a new vibrant colored runner for our dining room table!

On Tuesday, Austin, my in-laws and sister-in-law and her fiance and I went to Tulum to img_6260explore the Mayan ruins. It’s one thing to read about the Mayans in history books, but to experience the remains of buildings created so many years ago and learn about their beliefs, lifestyle and inventions is another experience completely. From the calendar to the first hurricane siren and even chocolate (“xocoatl” – pronounced “choco-atle” – in Mayan), I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn more about this culture on the same ground the Mayans walked and lived on so long ago.

On Wednesday, Austin and I and my sister-in-law and her fiance took the ferry from Playa 16142358_10154100366340458_4626003398910056760_ndel Carmen over to the island Cozumel to go snorkeling at Chankanaab Park. We snorkeled on part of the Meso-American reef system, the second largest barrier reef system in the world! It was so cool – we saw lots of fish, colorful coral reef and an underwater statue. We also learned more about the Mayans from our guide, and we ended our day with a tequila tasting! In the words of the tequila shop expert, there is “tequila” and “ta-kill-ya!” I have never been a fan of tequila, but at our tasting I learned that good tequila doesn’t require salt, a lime and sour face! We tried seven different samples of tequila and we ended up buying a delicious coffee flavored tequila.

During our adventures, we bought a few small souvenirs for our home, including a table fotorcreatedmexicorunner, a Mayan calendar, coffee (which came in a cool burlap bag) and tequila (which came in a unique glass bottle). None of our purchases were that extravagant, but when we travel I love buying small things to put around our home so we can look at them every day and remember our adventures. I plan on framing the front of the coffee bag to put on our cabinet by our Mayan calendar and once our tequila is gone, I’ll use the bottle as a vase!

When you travel, do you pick up things to showcase around your house? I can’t wait for our next trip!


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