It’s Been a Busy February!

I know, February isn’t over yet but it’s been a busy month! Check out what I’ve been up to:

I Learned to Cablehat

This is really exciting for me, because I’ve wanted to learn this technique for a long time but it intimidated me. The braided look seemed too difficult for me to be able to pick up and I wasn’t sure how to read the pattern, so when I saw The Knitting Room was offering a braided cable beanie workshop, I had to sign up! The shop’s owner, Sheri, taught the workshop and she was so helpful and I was on my way cabling before I knew it. I immediately became addicted to cabling and I finished my hat in less than a day and I’m already working on cabled hat number two!

I Took a Wheel Throwing Class pottery

Recently Austin and I signed up for a couple’s wheel throwing class at the Fire Escape, a local pottery painting studio in downtown Oshkosh. They’ve been open for just over two years and in that time, they’ve expanded to more offerings, including classes, pallet painting and most recently, wheel throwing! In high school, a friend and I threw our own pottery at a studio in downtown Milwaukee, but I haven’t found a nearby and affordable opportunity to do it again since…until the Fire Escape added it to their lineup of offerings! It was a few day before Valentine’s Day, thus the couples theme, so we each made our own piece and then we made a piece together. Plus, after our pieces are fired in the kiln, we get to go back and paint our creations. I’m calling what we made “creations” since I’m not exactly sure if we made pencil holders, cups or something else entirely! The wheel and clay seemed to have minds of their own, but it was a blast and I definitely plan to go back and do it again!

I’ve Been Knitting Baby Hats img_0695

I recently wrote a blog post about the red baby hats I’ve been knitting for the American Heart Association’s “Little Hats, Big Hearts” campaign so check that post out for full details! My two craft friends, Hannah and Kathryn, have been knitting and crocheting hats with me this month, and together we have made over 15 hats! I’m hoping we can reach 20 by the end of the week when I’ll be mailing them!

I’ve Been Preparing for my Next Craft Show

My friend Hannah of Crafts & Crunches and I will be doing another craft show on March 11! I can’t believe how soon this one is coming up – between filling some orders and knitting red baby hats for most of February, March is really sneaking up on me! This craft show is a fundraiser for the Oshkosh Boys & Girls Club (located at 501 E. Parkway Ave.) and will be from 9am-2pm. We’ll have a variety of knit and crocheted goodies, plus some other fun crafty surprises, so if you’re in the area, we invite you to stop by our booth and say hi!

march-17-craft-showLike I said, it’s been a busy month but I’m always happy when crafts are keeping me busy! I also have some exciting projects up my sleeve, so stay tuned!


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