Knitting 101: Fun Patterns for Beginners

Last week my friend Hannah from Just Peachy wrote an awesome blog post, “5 Crochet Patterns for Beginners” which inspired me to write a similar post, but for knitting! If you’re wanting to start knitting, I definitely encourage you to go for it! However, with so many pattern options available on Pinterest, Ravelry and other crafting websites it can be overwhelming to pick a starting point. Here are a few of my favorite beginner patterns to try:

Grandmother’s Favorite Washcloth

This pattern is awesome for so many reasons! First, who doesn’t need a fresh, new dishcloth? Second, it’s so easy – all you need to know how to do is cast on, knit the garter stitch and cast off! Third, it’s a really quick knit! I’ve made a bunch of these lately using size 7 needles and Sugar ‘N Creme yarn from Joann Fabrics. A 120 yard skein makes just shy of three washcloths but I’ve done a little experimenting, and altering the pattern to make the washcloth slightly smaller will let you squeeze three washcloths from one skein!

Knotted Knit Headband

Besides the fact that this headband is really cute, a great thing about this pattern is that you can knit on regular needles and still get a circular result! For many beginner knitters, knitting on double pointed or circular needles can be intimidating, but there are some projects (like this headband!) where you can knit on regular needles to create a circular piece. Again, the only knitting knowledge you’ll need to create this pattern is the garter stitch, as well as casting on and off. Once you knit what will become the headband portion of this pattern, you’ll need a yarn needle to sew your two ends together to officially turn your work into a headband! This is a pretty quick knit and no one will ever guess it’s a beginner project!

Red Rasta Cowl

© EweKnit

If you’re a beginner looking to try a knitting project on circular needles, this Red Rasta Cowl is perfect for you! Chunky yarn is really fun to work with because it makes for a fast project and it’s easy to handle. This cowl might look like it would be hard to knit, but all you need to know how to do is knit and purl! Once you have those two stitches down, there are so many fun looks that you can create, including the striped and weaved looks used in this pattern.

Since this pattern has rows that will repeat themselves multiple times, I would recommend using a row counter and/or a good old fashioned pen and paper to keep track of your rows as you’re knitting. Once you get to the weaved looking part of the cowl, it’s important to follow the pattern, since skipping a row will shift your pattern and the appearance of your cowl.

Beginner Beanie

© B.hooked Knitting

If you’re ready to try knitting on double pointed needles, this Beginner Beanie is a great first project to try! If you know how to knit and purl, you’ll be able to create this beanie in no time. Though the pattern says “stockinette stitch”, when knitting in the round this just means that you’ll knit every stitch. So, the brim of the hat will be worked in a knit/purl pattern to create the ribbed look, then the rest of the pattern will be all knitting. Easy, peasy!


I hope this post has inspired the knitter in you to try some of these fun projects! As always, I’d love to see photos of your creations, so please feel free to share them in a comment or on my Facebook Page!


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