Casting on with Double Pointed Knitting Needles – Video Tutorial

Have you been too intimidated to try knitting using double pointed knitting needles? Or maybe you’ve tried and just haven’t had any luck? Knitting with double pointed needles really isn’t as difficult as it looks! Watch this video to learn how to cast on and knit your first row using double pointed knitting needles!

Helpful tips:

  • When using the long tail cast on technique, be sure you have enough yarn on your tail end to cast on the number of stitches you’ll need.
  • When casting on the first stitch of your different needles, keep your cast on stitch nice and snug to avoid loose stitches in between your various needles.
  • When it’s time to knit your first row after casting on, make sure your cast on row isn’t twisted. The “v’s” of your cast on row should be facing down (not turned around your needles) before you begin knitting.
  • If the first few rows of knit stitches between needles one and three are loose, don’t be too concerned. You can use the tail from your cast on to weave between the stitches to tighten them up a bit.
  • If you’re like me your cast on row will be snug, so when you’re knitting your first row take your time and don’t get frustrated!
  • Working with four needles instead of two will naturally be a bit trickier, so if you don’t succeed the first time you try using double pointed needles don’t get discouraged…keep trying!

Feel free to post your questions or experiences with double pointed knitting needles in a comment!


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